Sundried tomato walnut & pesto


A heirloom tomato that grows at an altitude of more than 3000 msl. Surrounded by Apricot orchards and nurtured with organic manure in a zero pathogen environment of Ladakh. In the high UV index sunshine and sub zero night time temperature this tomato transforms into the absolutely best, naturally freeze-dried Tomato in the whole world. Pair this with the equally exotic Kashmiri walnuts and you have a marriage made in heaven (quite literally). Mildly garnished with only a few condiments, the tomato remains the highlight of this refreshing pesto, which pairs beautifully with several dishes.

Tangy, sweet (almost like dates) and fruity (like apricots) ,this distinct flavour comes from the fact that these are heirloom produce, and maybe, that they are talking to the apricot trees. The oil rich walnuts provide the necessary fat that accentuates the mouthfeel and provides a nutty texture to this gourmet pesto that is a must have on every epicure’s fridge

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