Almonds Coated with 45% Dark Chocolate & Tangy Oran


Indians chocolates are our first love and dark chocolate becomes our first crush. Be it festivals, birthdays, parties or any special occasion, no gifts are ever complete without a chocolate bar. Even the valentine’s week had a day dedicated to chocolate. She won’t mind much if you don’t gift her a teddy on teddy day, but you are surely a goner if you don’t gift a bar of chocolate on chocolate day.


You must also have noticed one more thing that the chocolates from abroad are usually tastier than the local alternatives. Have you ever wondered why? Well because the supermarket chocolate bars have a much higher proportion of milk solids, sugar & vegetable oil primarily because they are cheaper alternatives to cocoa solids. Whereas our chocolates are made up of pure Cocoa solids. Coca solids comprise of cocoa mass & cocoa butter.

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